The ALG TASSA PREMIUM offer was established in response to customer requests related needs not only bookkeeping, but also to the conduct of financial controlling and the need to streamline and restructure the already functioning in Enterprises accounting departments.

In this day and age it is extremely important to the optimization of operating expenses and the time period in which you can get the information you need about the financial health of the company. Therefore, our efforts are focusing on in-depth analysis of the problem, faced by a trader, and then proceed to restructuring activities. As a result of our actions definitely improves the profitability of businesses and the pace of their activities and accounting and financial enterprise. All activities ALG TASSA premium are focused on the customer - the customer service professional satisfaction is a primary indicator of the Company's success ALG TASSA premium.

The ALG TASSA PREMIUM offer is a personalized product for the most demanding customers

All data entrusted to us is treated with complete confidentiality. We provide our services also in English and Russian.